"Pantry Exotics, 1" Lithograph

  • "Pantry Exotics, 1" Lithograph

Lithograph of "Pantry Exotics, 1" (2020).

A too-familiar experience for Asian Americans is to have everyday items in their pantry exoticized and then used to ostracize: dried fish is considered "stinky" and the black-fleshed century eggs are judged "gross" or "rubber". But for those of us who grow up with these items, they represent the comforting familiarity of home.

"Pantry Exotics, 1" is part of a larger series, bringing Asian American cultural references to the often Euro-centric history of still lifes.

16x20", including white border, unframed
giclee printed on watercolor paper cold press 100% cotton rag, 300 gsm, 19.5mil
signed, dated, and numbered

Edition of 99 + 2AP

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